Family-owned orchard:

The family owned fruit orchard, located approx. 20 kms from Maya Health Village, Sundernagar lies in the midst of a lush green forest, accessible only on foot. The path from the road head to the orchard is steep and winding and runs 2.5 kms through the woods.

The orchard has an old lodge with three bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom besides a main kitchen, making it suitable for short stays and day-trips.

A visit to the orchard will provide walking enthusiasts and nature buffs a view of the few unspoiled treasures of the forest, besides potential surprises on the many hidden animal trails dotting the groves. After all, a home to 300+ fruit trees is a sure invite to the shy ‘Kakar’ deer, wild fowls and altitudinal migrant birds, the nomadic mountain bear – a bit of a recluse - and many other woodland creatures who pop in from time to time to check in on who’s visiting their home.

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