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Maya – The Health Village is located in 5 acres of private land. Though the estate is sprawling over 2 hectares, in keeping with “Maya’s” concept and to retain an element of solitude and spirituality, the hosts decided to build just one cottage for guests and name it “The Shepherd’s Cottage” – which is what it was, to begin with. The ambience is therefore, uncluttered and this was important to the hosts, as it would also enable them to extend personal attention and hospitality to each guest.

The Shepherd’s Cottage offers clean, fully furnished rooms, each of which, on a clear day offers a panoramic view of the great snow-capped Himalayas. Two of these rooms also have attics, each of which can accommodate two adults/children. All rooms have attached modern bathrooms.

For those guests who desire even more exclusivity the hosts have set aside 2 well-appointed bedrooms in their own home.

· Internet and Telephone facility are available on request.
· Individual laundry loads and ironing of garments is undertaken for guests

Simple Relaxation
“Maya” is the ideal getaway for those wishing to retreat to a quiet mountain hideout and spend their time reading or writing a book, or just breathe in the pure mountain air and admire the breathtaking view and watch the clouds go by.

Special Offers
* Wellness Workshop “Discover Your Soul” – 7-Day wellness program, conducted, once a month for a group of 8 persons.
* Download detailed itinerary of Discover Your Soul workshops here. (View Dr. Sharda’s program)
* The program provides an enabling space for modern day city dwellers to restore and revitalize themselves in a holistic way.
* Initiations Into A Life Of Grace as propounded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and simplified by his dedicated disciples/followers, conducted by I.A.H.V, an associate of the Art of Living Foundation (we are working on this program)
* Indian Cookery Classes (available at all times)

“Maya – The Health Village – Where Illusions Border On Reality and You Experience Genuine Old World Hospitality.”

     Bedroom: Host's Home

     Bedroom: Shepherd's Cottage