Recreational Options

Guests are free to explore the surrounding areas and forest. For those interested, visits to village and nearby heritage sites can be arranged. The clean, Himalayan mountains offer excellent opportunities for hiking, trekking, photography, cycling and bird watching.

Interested guests can also avail coaching in Yoga and Meditation. Musical instruments like guitar, Indian drums, sitar, tabla and piano are available for those who are trained in playing musical instruments.

§ The library within the Gazebo stocks a select collection of fiction, spiritual literature, popular magazines and enriching book titles of various genres to engross the avid reader.

§ A Day’s Visit or more to the family owned orchard, located 20 kms away from “Maya” can be arranged. Click to view the family owned orahard.

§ Nature Rambles and Herb Farm Visits. The guests are also at liberty to help themselves to apples, plums, peaches, apricots and pears growing on trees in the resort, during fruit season.

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