Dr. Sharda is an MD besides being a psycho-spiritual counselor and alternate therapist.
WELLNESS WORKSHOP “Discover Your Soul” conducted under the guidance of Dr. Sharda

Dr Sharda has conducted her “Life in Harmony” workshops for ANANDA IN THE HIMALYAS. She has also given healing and other therapies in her “Life Solutions,” in one-on-one session at ANANDA.

Dr. Sharda, Medical Specialist & Pathologist is a renowned medical practitioner. Her interest in alternative therapy for healing compelled her to diversify into the realm of mind and soul. She balances her time between regular medical and mystical practices.

Life inspired her to use all her experiential knowledge to serve society.

She offers solutions to lifestyle problems. She wisely uses ancient mystic techniques in modern life with individual consultancy and group discourses.

Dr Sharda is a well-experienced psycho-spiritual counselor and alternative therapist. The techniques she uses are:- Energy healing, reiki ,couselling ,crystals and sound healing, relationship counseling and parenting ,meditative techniques ,breath meditation etc.

“Discover Your Soul” - A 7-day workshop conducted once a month       

Blends Vedic wisdom and modern scientific formulae to put you in touch with the Source or, Atman within.

Feel the mystical vibrations of realized Siddhas (adepts) against a breathtaking view of the Himalayan ranges. Soak in the rich spiritual principles of India as you are taken through a week of Soul searching using powerful mystical tools and keys under the gentle and illuminating guidance of Dr. Sharda.

Individual, highly confidential one-on-one sessions where a feather-touch catharsis and wisdom to understand and recreate life’s myriad patterns will be done by you and Dr Sharda.

As the sun sets over the Himalayan ranges and you gaze into the flames of a ritualistic fire worship of the East (hawan), as you offer oblations and allow you consciousness to float on the vibrations of the chants of mantras-the deeper significance of this brief sojourn of life illumines the deepest recesses of your inner self.

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